Tumut 3Hr 30th April 2017

Tumuts premier Mountain Bike Race 30th April 2017

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The Course

Approx 9.5km in length-mostly flowing single track with additional never used before new section of single track in Mcpharlanes Creek area. The course is flowing single track with short sections of fire trails at intervals to aid over-taking.

The 60Min beginner/novice course, graded as easy, app 2.3km in length. Start time for the 60 minute event is 11.00am to aid administration, The course does share the transition and small uphill section with the 3 hr event, then peels off to its own separate course, single track is slight downhill this year.

Tumuts course is very highly regarded last year by riders of all standards, with comments like “it was good before, the new course is better again”.

The Tumut track team has done an outstanding job with the tracks. Rain has little effect on this course with minimal clay patches, tracks are mostly on firm gravel. Riders are reminded to use some caution when descending.

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Race Categories

3hr Categories Solo Open Male Solo Open Female Solo Veterans Male > 40yrs (can nominate for Solo Open if want to) Solo Veterans Female > 40yrs (can nominate for Solo …


Entry fees are $40 per entrant for the 3 hour event and $20 per entrant for the 60 min event. An additional $25 for a day licence must be purchased …

Schedule on the day

  Plate collection and registration changes 9.30 am to 10:30am (novice entries) 11.30 am (3 hour) ( late fee applies for entries on the day) 1 Hour Novice Event starts …